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Yesterday I finished sewing a dress and showed my father and today after reading an article in the paper about how Diane Von Furstenberg opened a store in South Coast Plaza, my father has come up with what he declares to be a ”genuis” plan that I should make a few dresses and then he will go into the DVF store and get them to sell them on consignment. This is the most hilarious and horrendous plan because

  1. I have absolutely NO desire to design clothes nor sell them.
  2. My sewing skills are still rudimentary and not on a level with DVF.
  3. The idea of my father walking into DVF and telling them to sell my clothes on consignment is ridiculous. If you’ve ever met my father, you’d understand.
  4. My father knows absolutely nothing about South Coast Plaza if he thinks this is a good plan.

He keeps coming into the room I’m sewing stuff in to say things like, “Just make it frosty” and “The dresses need to be extravaganza” and he is being serious when he says them.

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